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Career Counselling Programs for Students

Career Profiling & Stream Selection

Course-Stream counseling is aimed to empower a child with "self-knowledge" in terms of the Aptitude and Interest, to enable the child in making informed subjects choices. A set of questions reveals a lot

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Courses and College Planning

College readiness counselling is aimed to empower a scholar with domain knowledge in terms of the prospects and challenges to enable the most accurate choice of courses and colleges in India or Abroad.

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Jobs Vs Career

The counselling session assists in understanding individual need, value system, skill set and future prospects in a long term career. They are often at crossroads over doing a Job or go for higher studies.

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International Application Programs for Students

International Application Program

Get help on shortlisting colleges, selecting study destinations, to building your profile and creating the accurate applications for your aimed universities.

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Liberal Studies Application Program

Get comprehensive guidance from experts on major and minor selection, profile-building, applications, interviews and more.

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Career Counselling Programs for Schools

Career Counselling Sessions

Our in-school program is a result of extensive research and most importantly on the basis of our experience of working with more than a million students in the past 20 years. We have developed a powerful, practical and engaging program, which benefit a class 10th student in choosing a right stream in class 11th and helps class 12th students in identifying the right courses.

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Teacher Training Program

Our teacher courses are ideal to help educators and school staff to acquire new teaching strategies and useful skills to improve their classes. Teachers have a central part in children’s education and creating powerful experiences for them has always been an important goal. Making sure that school staff and in particular teachers have excellent and refined skills

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Knowledge Series Program

This Knowledge Series Coaching Program will focus on the needs of the students and the groups who have already decided, what they want. From gaining clarity on the next steps in your career, balancing the needs of your work life and family life as well as taking care of yourself – We will cover it all. Program will help you overcome the challenges you face daily in your life.

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Counsellors Training Programs

Certified Career Counsellor Program (CCCP)

Enhance skills in career counselling through a 15-days certification program designed and delivered by Counselling experts. With an emphasis on International practices and Knowledge Series, CCCP is the perfect stepping stone for budding counsellors.

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Young Achievers
Partner Program

Be a Young Achievers Counsellor to expand, enhance and grow your career counselling practice. Leverage a world-class Knowledge Series, advanced analytics and experienced counsellors support tools to deliver quality career guidance and grow as a career counsellor.

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What can I expect?

Your career counsellor will

  • Help you figure out who you are and what you want out of your education, your career, and your life.
  • Be someone for you to talk to about your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concerns about your career and educational choices, which will help you sort out, organize, and make sense of your thoughts and feelings.
  • Help you identify the factors influencing your career development, and help you assess your interests, abilities, and values.
  • Help you locate resources and sources of career information.
  • Help you to determine next steps and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Resolving Mind and Soul Conflicts

Concerns that bring students to Career Counsellor

  • I have no idea what I want to do with my life.
  • I’ve narrowed it down to a couple career options, but I’m having a hard time choosing between them
  • I like a lot of different subjects, and I keep changing my major because I’m not sure which one is the best for me!
  • My family really wants me to be a _______, but I’m not sure if that’s really what I want
  • I don’t like any of my classes and none of the majors seem really appealing
  • I don’t know what stream to choose

Young Achievers Solution

Career Counselling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.



YOU are most important and we start with YOU. Your career development is a lifelong process that, whether you know it or not, actually started when you were born! There are a number of factors that influence your career development, including your interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances.


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Career Counselling is more than just deciding on a major and what job you want to get when you graduate. It really is a lifelong process, meaning that throughout your life you will change, situations will change, and you will continually have to make career and life decisions. The goal of Career Counselling is to help you make the decisions you need to make now


Individualised Guidance- the Gurukul Way

The best way to empower a scholar is an Indian way to act as a guru and carve a clear path based upon individual’s potential. Our career guru Mr. Love Jain, with experience of mentoring million+ students, will help you make the right choice through personalised career counselling and all-round support for all your queries.

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