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Make sure you get everything ready well in advance of the exam-dont leave it to the day before
to suddenly realize you dont know the way, or what you are supposed to bring.

About us

Young Achievers in its 20s is one of the oldest and most trusted career counselling and test preparation centre that provides its undivided attention on Design, Management & Commerce, Law, Mass Communications, Hospitality, Culinary and Travel, Psychology and Music, Liberal Studies and other non-conventional entrance exams along with Undergraduate and Postgraduate profile building for Top colleges in India and Abroad which entitles admission to various renowned colleges in India and the World.

Our goal is not to become the market leader in the industry but equip you to kick start your career in the perfect way. We have a team of outstanding and dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure and proven approach that provides extensive and systematic guidance to students who aspire for nothing but the best. This is not mere words, this is our history.

We are Young achievers
we are your future 
We will make you achieve Just with a difference

Our Mission

  • First and foremost, just HELP you
  • Getting a 100% pass results as we have done before
  • Create a new benchmark in Competitive scores
  • To help you evolve the Thinking Ability
  • Provide a platform for your Personality Development
  • To expel your fears of the Entrance Exams
  • To provide you further insight on career related queries

Our vision

"If you know what you want,
  If you are ready to work with all your heart,
  Then we will make sure you don’t fall behind"